Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family and Animal Photographer in Lake Norman - Three horses and their people

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My main goal and focus in any of my photo sessions is to capture the connection that family members share with one another and freeze those moments in time. While I am always looking for new and exciting projects I most enjoy photo sessions that allow me to capture these amazing moments and relationships.

For quite sometime now I kept coming back to the same vision for a new idea.  I wanted the opportunity to connect with a local stable and work with horses and the people that belong to them. A good friend of mine who grew up around horses told me that the connection with your horse is like no another and is amazingly powerful. She said "You entrust your life with this creature each and every time you place your foot in the stir up and climb on."  After speaking with her, I knew for sure  exactly what my next new project would be!  SO... I put out a model casting call for horse lovers. I hoped to find a few subjects who owned and loved their own horses so that I could photograph that amazing bond between them. I  quickly received several responses and made arrangements to work with 3 families.  This evening was the first of my three "stable sessions"

To say that it went perfectly would be an understatement.  The S Family was just as sweet as can be and so welcoming.  Mom and Dad Deanna and Joe have one beautiful baby girl named Allie who is two years old, 3 furry doggies and three horses.  The fact that their furry family members are more than just pets to them was immediately obvious.  Thank you Deanna, Joe, Allie, Fancher, Copper and Hippo for modeling for me this evening.  You absolutely nailed it!  Mwah!  As promised, here is our sneak peek.  :)

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