Friday, July 28, 2017

Senior Portrait Photographer - Concord NC

This past spring was our 6th year of Dance Portraits at Dancin Kids in Cornelius.  I can believe that much time has passed already since I met Alexis and her momma at the studio!  Long ago I told her mom that I called "dibs" on her senior portraits LOL and we have all been looking forward to it ever since.  Alexis and her mom choose the gardens as our location, one of my favorite spots!  It's quite obvious that Alexis is beautiful but what the camera can not tell you is what a sweetheart and wonderful person she is!  It was has been such a pleasure working with and getting to know you sweet girl!  I look forward to the years to come!

I couldn't resist adding a bit of magic to this last one....

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lake Norman Child and Family Photographer - UPsides Calendar

Last but certainly not least for sneak peeks from this weekend are; returning model Jasen who always rocks his photo shoots, and my beautiful new friend Caitlyn who is joining us for the 1st time.  Caitlyn we are so happy to have you join our calendar family!!!  You are an excellent model!

Childrens Photographer - Lake Norman Charlotte and more

Ready for another mega dose of cuteness?!  Meet my friends Tommy and Noel and get ready to melt.  Could these fella possibly be any cuter?!?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Calendar Girls - UPsides Calendar

Next up for sneak peeks are two of my sweet calendar girls.  I love seeing Ella and Zoe again they are awesome.  I think my favorite part of the shoot was actually when Miss Zoe took a seat in my lap while I was trying to take her picture.  I love snuggles!!  :)

Upcoming Movies to check out - SouthEast Set Photographer

I have had the pleasure over the past year or so to be involved as the set photographer during the making of several films.  I LOVED getting to be involved in this and especially to have been able to work with some very awesome people.  I was even charged with the very fun task of creating promotional posters for a few of the films which I really loved getting to do!

The first one I worked on was "Four Pies" - a very emotional short film about a woman who returns home to her family after the loss of her mother.  This was also my daughter Ellie's 1st film.  She played the young version of Catherine, the main character in flashbacks to her childhood.  Four Pies has been extremely well received and has been accepted and even won at many national AND International film festivals  Check out the facebook page HERE and watch the film HERE.

Quite the contrast to "Four Pies" was the delightful short film "Six Foot Scoundrel" which was created for the 100 word film festival in Charlotte.  I was so afraid that I would ruin the scene several times as I wanted to laugh out loud so badly.  Catherine Trail and Vanessa Ore were absolutely hysterical!  If you want to laugh you HAVE to check it out!  You can view the film HERE.
I didn't do the posted for this one but this shot is too funny not to share...

Switching up genres once again I did some still photography for "Corner of Ghost and Bartlett Road" the second film that Ellie acted in.  This film is currently in post-preduction and I can not wait to see it!

Most recently I was on set with the 4PP crew as they filmed a teaser for their very first Full length Feature.  "Calm Before" is a gritty and intense story of betrayal and intrigue...

Filming is slated to begin Winter 2017. Casting Calls for this psychological thriller will be posted soon via Actors Access and Crew Calls on their facebook page and other industry pages. Stay tuned...

More Calendar Cuties - Charlotte UPsides Models

Meet David and Cooper!  This is Davids 2nd year rocking his photo shoots with us for the Upsides Calendar and Mr. Cooper has been with us since our very 1st one in 2013 when he was one of our tiniest participants.  Love these two fellows!!!

UPsides Calendar for the DSAGC

We had another awesome photo shoot for out 2018 Upsides Calendar this weekend!  As usual, my sweet models did NOT disappoint!  First up for sneak peeks are my buddies Samuel and Camden!