Monday, June 16, 2014

Lake Norman Family Photographer - Look whose One!

Yesterday I posted  a sneak peak for the C family who I absolutley love and adore.  A little over a year ago this same sweet family they sent me another amazing family….  (or family to be.)   I loved thier good friends Kat and Nick instantly.  They were very anxiously awaiting the arrival of their 1st child, a baby boy and so obviously in love.  Our Maternity Photo Shoot was so much fun!  Kat had the cool idea of doing a Baby name reveal at the session.  It was awesome!  Since then we did sweet Vincent's Newborn Portraits with the Pittsburg "Terrible Towel" and a Family Portrait Session in Birkdale when Mr. Vincent was about 6 months. Yesterday we did another Family Shoot to celebrate his FIRST BIRTHDAY!  I can not beleive how fast time is flying.  My tiny little buddy is walking and turning into a big boy!  Thanks so much K family for such a fun evening.  It is always a blast with the three of you!  
See you soon!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Family Photographer in Davidson - Whimsical Portraits in Lake Norman

With just one glance at this first image below even a perfect stranger can see the love that this sweet family has for each other.  I brought the tea party set up initially intending to use it just for the two adorable sisters but am so glad that we decided to invite mommy and daddy to the party as this picture truley is worth a thousand words.  
Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet little buddy Audrey and Thank you once again C Family for choosing my as your Family Photographer.  I am so happy to be a part of your lives!  :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

DS Awareness Calendar Model - Lake Norman NC

Last, but CERTAINLY not least from our DS Calendar Photo shoot is My dear buddy Colin.  This little gentleman is just as sweet as they come and SO full of personality!  Colin, it has been such a pleasure watching you grow from our first shoot and I am already looking forward to the years to come! Love you little C!!!!

Fun Photo Shoot in the Carolinas - Chillin with Cooper!

Cooper is AWESOME!  You can not help but smile when you see this happy Fella!  He was just itty bitty at our first calendar session and is growing so fast!   I am already looking forward to the next time I get to hang outwith Coop!  Love you little man!!!!!

Davidson Natural Light Photographer - Gracie Girl

Meet my beautiful Gracie Girl!  She was so tiny the first time I photographed her and the rest of her sweet Family.  I can not believe how quickly time passes!  My sweet Gracie is not a baby and more, but a sweet loving big girl!  My favorite part of our calebdar photo shoot yesterday was all the wonderful hugs from Gracie and the rest of my girls!  Have I mentioned yet how much I love my "SnookyBabies" and "SnookyKiddos"!?!?!?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mooresville Photographer for Children - Sweet Ili!

I love all my babies but Miss Iliana's family and the Serrano have one of those crazy "what a small world!"  connections.  Her Mommy and my husband went to school together…. in Miami!  Now that we are both her in Lake Norman NC.  I am happy to say that our families have become good friends.  Love them, especially sweet Ili!!!!  

Children's Photographer - Rock Hill SC to Statesville NC

Today was my second time getting to photograph sweet Xavier.   
Xaiver is seven years old and was one of my calendar kiddos in the original Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar that we made in 2012.    
He was determined to not sit still for me today but I am very stubborn and always get my guy!  LOL
I was so happy to see my buddy today and am thrilled with the images we captured, especially the last one below.  I even convinced daddy to join in for a couple.  
Next time I am going to get momma too!  ;)

Baby Photographer Charlotte - Perfection

Our youngest calendar model from today was beautiful six month old Merritt.  She stole the hearts of every single one of us instantly.  We could not help but ohh and awe over very move she made.  It was so hard to force myself to hold the camera when all I really wanted to hold was her.  
Julie and Robert your baby girl is absolutley perfect!  I have known her for just one day and am in love!  Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us today!  
I can not wait to see her, and both of you soon!  


Lake Norman Photographer - 2015 DS Calendar Model ~ Miss Maggie

Sweet Maggie is another one of my "snookybabies"  I am so happy to be her Family's Photographer as well as her Photographer for the DS Awareness Calendar.  This little princess is the sweetest most loving little girl ever!  I absolutley love her to pieces!

Child Photography - Calendar Girl Camille

This next peek is for my sweet friend Camille!  We 1st met at our 1st Calendar photo shoot in 2012 and I am pleased to say that I have since become her family's photographer.  Our shoot today started with a giant hug (followed my many more) which of course made my day!  My Camille is usually quite strong willed and determined but today she was thrilled to be my little model was as cooperative as can ve!  She so much fun working it in front of the camera!  I am so proud of her! I love this little girl!

Children's Photographer - Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar - A is for AnnaBelle

Today we had our second session this year for our 2015 Down Syndrome Awareness Calender.  As usual all of my sweet little models did an absolutely amazing job!
My first sneak peek from our session is of Miss Annabelle who just turned One in March.  Although her mommy and I have become good friends on facebook for awile now today was our 1st meeting. Monica and Annabelle is was so great to finally meet you both!  Okay everyone…. Get ready to say awwwwweee as she is just the cutest little thing ever!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Themed Photo Shoot - 1950's Sock Hop

I posted this sneak peek for my little sock hop kiddos last week and am pleased to now be able to share the entire little group.   The last image cracks me up.  Although this was not really the case it appears as if Miss A is the shy girl who is sad that all the other girls are hugging her T-Bird Boyfriend.  :)  LOL