Birth Photography

For those who  have not experienced or seen a Birth Photography session the 1st images  that come to mind are ones that are quite personal and not typically  suitable for sharing. This is truly not the case with Professional Birth  Photography.
Birth  Photography is all about capturing that magical moment (as well as  those leading up to it) when your little one enters the world. It shows  the range of emotions that a couple goes through together on that very  important day as well as the love and connection that they have with  each other.
Having  a professional photographer present during your labor and delivery  allows both mommy and daddy to focus on the experience without having to  worry about missing an important memory or moment to document.
Being chosen to capture such an intense and amazing moment in a family’s  life is not one to be taken lightly. It is an absolute honor and  privilege and an experience that I hope to do again and again!

ADD on Maternity and/or Newborn Session for just $100 each!  :)

The SnookySmiles Welcome to the World - Birth Photography Package - $800
Do not miss the opportunity to capture the amazing moment when your child enters the world and his or her very 1st moments of life!  This very special session includes your photographer’s time and talent through labor, delivery and once baby arrives, A Beautiful Birth Slideshow set to music of your experience, a minimum of 45 digital images, 25% off the album of your choice and an additional 20% off any additional prints. Please note I am only accepting a very limited number of Birth Sessions so contact me ASAP to reserve yours!

Birth Photography FAQ's

What will happen in the event of a C-section ?

I believe every birth experience is worth photographing.  While it is not guaranteed that the surgical staff will allow me into the OR, there are still many moments I'm able to capture during your birth experience both before and after the operating room.  In the event of a C-Section please keep me posted just as we would with a vaginal birth.

Deposit is due as a retainer within 1 week of scheduling to hold your appointment.


  1. Such beautiful lighting! What is your set up? If you don't mind me asking. I am still in school for photography and I love your work!

  2. Thank you so much Ellen! These images were done using natural window lighting. :) Please feel free to email me if you like! I am happy to help!