Monday, April 30, 2012

Concord Family Photographer - {My Three Sons}

My second shoot of the day yesterday is one of my most favorite families to work with! Amanda and Mike are proud parents to three of the sweetest little guys that I have ever met.  Their youngest, Andrew is one of my baby planners and this was our second photo session together.  I didn't think there was a way to top his 3 month session, but I was wrong.  My Andrew turned on the charm once again and rocked his 6 month session.  Big brothers Max and Alex anxiously awaited their turns in front of the camera and nailed it as usual!  B Family, I love you guys and am soooooooooooo thrilled to your family photographer and friend.  :)

Maternity Photography Charlotte - {Big Brother to be}

It has been a busy busy week for this girl!  A girls night out with old friends, a Sugerland Concert with hubby, a Beautiful Wedding and then not one but TWO photo shoots on Sunday.  My 1st was this adorable family;  a few Maternity Pictures for mama and an 18 month session for soon the soon to be big brother.  My sweet little model was as wild as you would expect a  typical 1 and a half year old to be but that's what I love!  There are no forced smiles when it comes to this age so you know that what you get is 100% all natural!  T family, it was such a pleasure to meet you this weekend and I can not wait to head back for baby's newborn session this summer as soon as I get the call!  :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Charlotte Outdoor Photographer - {Owen in Wonderland}

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After dropping off my girlies at school yesterday I headed to the Gardens to meet my newest little buddy Owen.  The first thing I noticed about him were his big brown beautiful eyes that twinkled with mischief.  I knew instantly that this would be an amazing session!  I was quite right (as usual ;)  LOL)  As we left the parking lot it started to sprinkle but we decided to risk it and headed on in to the gardens.  It started to rain a little heavier so we ducked into a gazebo after shooting a couple in the soft drizzle deciding that it would either pass us by or get worse and soak us.  LOL  Our persistence paid off and it stayed dry (mostly)  just long enough for us to get a complete, AWESOME session in.  This sweet three year old was such a perfect little model for me.  My favorite part of the day though was hearing him tell mommy that he "had so much fun taking pictures"  as we headed back to the cars.  That just made my day!  Christie and Owen, it was such a pleasure meeting the two of you!  I can not wait to see you again and show you the rest of the pics!  We have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many great ones!!!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Photo Shoot - {Ellie & Sammi}

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I have been planing this session for quite awhile now...  A very special vintage style shoot with my two baby girls.  Just yesterday I found the very last prop I had been searching for to complete the set and could not be more pleased with the results.  I had such a fun time with my sweet little models!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Portrait Wall Hanging Inspiration - Shelves

I absolutely love walking into a client's home and seeing my work displayed.  I have several long time clients who have years of my work from our portrait sessions together displayed all over their homes and I honestly think my head is just a little bit bigger when I leave.  LOL. 
Recently one of my newer clients invited my girls and I over for a playdate and I was thrilled to see a beautiful wall display of our first session together.  I just happened to have my camera with me that day and was thrilled to be able to take a quick pic of her handiwork to share with all of you.  Her youngest baby boy is one of my baby planners so I can not wait to see what else this awesome mama does!  :)  Thanks Amanda for such a fun playdate with your sweet little guys and for letting me share this!  :)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Lake Norman Newborn and Family Photography - {Brotherly Love}

I met the T Family for the very 1st time yesterday but instantly felt like we had been friends for years.  They are such a sweet loving family and are so excited by the arrival of their second perfect little baby boy.  I enjoyed every moment of my time with this awesome family and can not wait to finish up editing their pictures so that I can go back and show them to them.  I am so thrilled to have met you guys.  I hope you enjoy this sneak peek as much as I have,  you can only imagine how difficult it was for me to choose just a few favorites to share, I love them all!  See you soon!  ;)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charlotte Family Portraits - Charlotte and Landon

I had an amazing time with one of my favorite Snooky Families this past weekend.  I am so excited to share these with the sweetest mommy  ever!  Love you Mandy!!!!  :)