Sunday, April 7, 2013

Concord Family Photographer! - Miss Natalie and the Twins

These cutie pies made me work for it but it was well worth every ounce of effort!  :) I first met miss Natalie when I did her dance portraits at DancinKids last year.  She was such a sweet pie, I was more than pleased when her mommy asked me if I could do some family portraits for them.  She warned me that Natalie's identical twin sisters were two year old twins who did not always love being in front of the camera but I was not afraid.  LOL. I love working with multiples and these trio of beautiful girlies could not take a bad picture if they tried.  Thank you for the fun morning C Family!  I can not wait to come back for our evening photo shoot and capture some more cuteness!  :)

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