Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Ballerinas and Baby Brother too - Cornelius Baby Photographer

As if there was not alreday enough cuteness in the air with my next two tiny tots in thier ballerina costumes we had the cutest little baby brother to boot!  He was being so sweet and so smiley that I just could not resist snapping his portrait too!  Great job little ladies and great job litte man!  You are all so sweet!

Dance Portraits - Rock the Dinosaur!

Our adorable compettion girls in thier "Rock the Dinosaur" Costumes!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Pretty Ballerinas all in a row - Dance Photography

How cute is this little rainbow of tutus?!?!  I can decide which processing I like best for this image.  Regular traditional to show off the bright colors or a vintage spin.  What do you think?

Here are a few more from this adorable group!

Ive been watching a lot of tv shows set in the 1930's and think this may have been what inspired me to do a little special processing on this last image.  :)

Child and Family Lake Norman Photographer - Tots Teens and in betweens!

Fans of this Blogs, Family and Friends know well by now that one of my absolute FAVORITE parts of what I do is the oppertunity to work with the same families and children that I have photographed in the past.  Through my lens I watch them grow.  I get to know them and thier families and our photo shoots are always a blast because I am not just thier photographer, not just a stranger with a camera, but someone that they have know forever and feel very comfortable with.  I call them my "snookyfamiles" or my "snookybabies."  At DancinKids I now have what I will call my "SnookyDancers"  

This next post is a special post for a very special group of little ones (and one not so little) who I adore and have had the pleasure of photographing all three of my years as the DancinKids Photographer.  I love the fact that they greet me excitedly by name and run to give me a hug when they see me.  Some have even adopted me as their family photographer which of course is THE highest compliment.
Alexis, Allie, Dylan, Ella, Fiona, Jayla, Marin, Reese, Sarah, Sara Allyce and Sienna this post is for you.  I am so happy to have met you (and ALL of the dancinkids!) as I know your teachers are as well.  We all adore you and are so very happy that you are a part of the DancinKids and SnookySmiles Photography Family!

XOXO ladies!

I am already looking forward to next year!  See you on the tracks!  :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cornelius Huntersville Davidson Photographer for Children and Families - Dance!

This next group is my oldest daughters class.  Guess who was the hardest to photograph! Yup, the photographers daughter!  LOL In the end though it work just fine of course and they are all adorable! Love these girls!!!  :)  Note thier costumes are my favorite color.. awesome! ;)