Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Photo Shoot - Family Photographer

I have been Photographing Mr. Bentley well, since BEFORE he was even born!

Mr. Bentley nailed his most recent shoot.   What a perfect little model!  XOXO B!!!

UPsides Calendar - Brothers Model

This is Brodie's very 1st year modeling in the UPsides Calendar.  We are SO thrilled to have him join us!  I think it is safe to say he nailed his debut performance!  Brodie and his little brother Mac made my day with lots of hugs and snuggles.  I LOVE hugs and snuggles.  They were also but pretty fond of the camera and were so much fun to work with! So great to meet you and your wonderful boys Kathy!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Photographer for Child Model - UPsides 2018 Calendar

My sweet buddy Tristan was one of my models in our very 1st Calendar!

He was not able to attend our last few sessions so I was super excited to get to see him and his sweet mommy again.  He was not really in the mood for a photo shoot but he is so darn adorable it hardly mattered.  XOXO little GQ!!!  ;)

2018 Upsides of Down Syndrome Fundraising Calendar has begun

Our little calendar has come a long way since we 1st started 5 years ago.  It has been so much fun that we could not wait to get an early start creating our 2018 masterpiece.  First up for sneak peeks is Miss Merritt.  She was such a teeny tiny thing at her very 1st shoot a few years ago...

She stole our hearts back  then and hasn't let go!  Just look at that sweet smile!  This little bug is such a sweetheart!