Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Photographer for Model Portfolio

This past weekend was my 1st time meeting and photographing Miss. Audrey.  She is not only stunning but an absolute sweetheart as well.  I knew I liked her immediately and as you can see my camera sure did too.  I was thrilled when i saw her wardrobe choice for the day  It was just perfect for our setting.  Audrey its was such a pleasure meeting you and your family!  I look forward to getting to work with you again in the future for sure! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!  I have lots more!

I know I already gave the whimsical fantasy portrait it's own blog post but I am including it again here... well because I want to!  LOL

Fantasy Image - Photographer for Charlotte and beyond

Typically when I edit my preferred style is a very natural one.  I like the beauty of everyday moments to shine through and speak for themselves. I guess I would call my style of photography "storytelling"  I want to tell stories about families and children about their relationships.  When you look at my pictures I want you to see the strength of the bond between to people and just how much they love and care each other.  

Every once in a while though an image is born that begs for a little extra special attention..  for a bit of magic.  These are so much fun.

We were scouting out a new location in South Carolina that I was very very excited about.  By the time we found the best part of the location (the abandoned Canal) I had been seeking my light was fading fast.  Because the perfect light is the number one most important favor in creating a beautiful work of art I was just about devistated and scrambling to get as many shots as I could.  I was starting to walk down to the bottom part of the canal when I looked up to see one of my models had positioned her self in the most perfect spot.  While sorting which images I wanted to keep this one spoke to me and I could not resist doing something a special...  

Sisters - North Carolina Actresses

Just one quick shot of my own sweet girls modeling at our location shoot.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Carolina Headshot and Character shot Photographer for actors and Models

I first met Tonya at an actor's showcase that she performed in with me daughter Ellie.  Although I truly enjoyed all of the performances Tonya really stood out.  She had me absolutely cracking up and a fantastic stage presence!  This girl is not just a beauty, she is also very talented!  I was so thrilled to have her model for me this past weekend in our South Carolina shoot. We had such a great time!  Here are just a few of my favorites from the day!

Mooresville Professional Head Shot Photographer

Next up for a sneak peek from the Ignite Vitality Crew.... Heather! 
 I really love promoting other local business that I have confidence in so I found a little more info on their facebook page to share. Be sure to check them out! Their website is

"Here at Ignite Vitality we strive for wellness beyond medicine! Our Mission is to promote true wellness through practices designed to strengthen and empower the body, mind, heart, and spirit; practices that wrap around each individual to help them achieve their true wellness goals.
Ignite Vitality’s goal is to provide a broad wellness program for our clients that focuses on the human condition. Our practice will guide you along your path to wellness through a basis in Functional Medicine that will lead you toward the root cause of your symptoms. Our team of providers offer multiple modalities, including nutrition & health education and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help you through your lifestyle changes. Perineural injection treatments (PIT) are also available for those dealing with pain and inflammation."

I hope you enjoy your pics as much as I enjoyed working with all of you!  You guys were a blast!  :)

Professional Business Headshots - Ignite Vitality

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting four wonderful ladies who are working very hard to create something very special.  They are the pioneers of a new wonderful business in Mooresville called Ignite Vitality.  I asked Bethany to give me some info about her company that I could share with you...

"Did you know that chronic pain affects 1:3 Americans? The amazing team at Ignite Vitality helps clients to get to the root cause of symptoms, pain, and inflammation. They provide a different approach to healing by identifying the root cause with functional medicine, treating causes, and providing a comprehensive program to recover health. Check them out at"

Our original plan was to have an indoor shoot only but it was so nice out and their office happens to be located in one of my favorite places to shoot (Old Mooresville) so we did a little of both inside and outside portraits.  Thank you ladies for such a fun session!  It was such a pleasure meeting all of you!

Makeup by the one and only Angie Cottone!  ;)

1st up for a sneak peek from our Fantastic Business headshot session... Bethany! 

South Carolina Child and Family Photographer - Location Scouting Fun

I first met these adorable little ones almost 6 years ago just before they celebrated their 2nd Birthday.   I loved them from the moment I met them and had so much fun photographing these sweet twins.

I have had the pleasure of watching them grow up through our photo sessions several times since then but had not seen them in a little bit.  I was beyond excited to catch up with them and their super sweet mama this past weekend as we scouted out a new location in South Carolina together with a few other awesome models.  We had so much fun and I can not wait to share more!  Here are just a couple of favs!  Be sure to check back for more!!!