Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lifestyle Photographer Davidson - Those little moments that are so BIG.

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Having a professional photographer for a mom can not be easy.  As a perfectionist when it comes to my art I always want the perfect lighting, the perfect location, that perfect expression.  But, as a mom I have to remind myself that life is not perfect.  It is perfectly imperfect.  This blog post is for all the other moms out there.  Whether you enjoy photography as a hobby, a profession, or just want your children to have some great memories.  I want to encourage you to do something that I myself find very hard sometimes…   Stop trying to make it perfect and enjoy those little moments…  they are SO Big!
Take your little one(s) to their favorite place and snap away.  Don't tell them to smile, don't interupt their play, just let them BE in the moment.  I did this yesterday with my two daughters and am so glad that I did.  I know these will be images they will look at in 20 years and smile.  

I love how this series captures the relationship that my girls share with each other.  They adore each other (most of the time) and Ellie is an amazing big sister to "her baby"
This is my favorite from yesterday and possibly one of my new favorites ever.  This is my Sam playing on her favorite thing on the playground at school. I love the expression of absolute pure joy on her face. She is truly in her element right here and would happily stay the entire day in this spot if she could.

Okay, Okay…  Yes… i broke my own rule.  I stopped them and made them pose for a moment.  Baby steps!  LOL
Another favorite here.  Not just sisters but best friends.  They make my heart happy.

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