Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lake Norman Winter Photographer - Snow fun in the neihborhood

We do not get a lot of snow here in North Carolina so when we do it is a pretty big deal. I always loved snow as a child and had tons of it growing up in Western Massachusettes.  As an adult however my fondness for the wet white stuff faded considerably.  That love does return when I see they joy in the faces of my two little girls.  We barely had a dusting, but that did not matter a bit to them.  They played and played and had a blast in that little bit of snow.  It was not only fun to watch them but all of our neighbors too.  Adults and children alike were sledding down the tiny hill in the road.  It was great!  My favorite of all had to be Ellie and the little girl next door as they overcame the fact that we did not own a sled and worked together to pilot the teeter-totter down the street.  Just the thought of them now cracks me up completely.  What a fun day!  :)

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