Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vintage Valentine's Day Portrait Party - Lake Norman North Carolina

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I had been anxiously awaiting my session yesterday for quite some time now.  It was freezing out on the day we were original scheduled to shoot and had to reschedule for today.  It was well worth the wait!  Meet Ellie, Sammi, Finley, Porter, John and Miles.  Six years ago their mommies and I met at a playgroup through Lake Norman Mommies a wonderful website for moms and moms to be. John, Ellie, Finley and Victoria (who you will see in the next post) were just little babies sleeping in their baby seats or snuggling in their mommy's arms during the entire playgroup.  At these young ages these weekly dates were obviously for the moms to enjoy and to meet with others.  We had no idea then what amazing friendships would stem from them with the adults as well as the children.  It ms my heart smile every time I see these kiddos playing together knowing that they can not recall a day when they did not know each other.  The younger sibling came along later and seamlessly joined in the group.  I absolutely love these women and their families and am ever grateful to Lake Norman Mommies for being the vehicle that brought us together.

Approx. 2,000 images for taken yesterday and I narrowed down first to 500 to keep and 200 to try to edit in this decade.  LOL.  Here is just one of my very favorites.  I have so many more to share but must get ready for this evenings photo shoot.  Thanks for looking and commenting!  :)

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