Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lifestyle Photography - A day in my life Child sessions

The children were all having a blast, and the overcast sky was creating the most perfect lighting the other day as my daughters and their little friends were playing in the cup-de-sac.   I of course could not resist running back to the house to grab my camera to capture a few casual memories to keep.  :)  I really love how these turned out and got to thinking what a fun idea somethong like this would be for a lifestyle session.  Rather than, or in addition to a traditional shoot I think it would be so much fun to incorporate something your child or family loves to do in to a session.  Riding bikes, having a picnic, baking cookies, camping, boating, jumping rope, playing outside with chalk...  anything that you enjoy doing together.  Paired with ideal light we can not go wrong!  I am very excited about the possibilities!   Let's chat about your perfect lifestyle session!  In the meantime here a just a few of my favorites from our playdate...

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