Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lake Norman Family Photographer - A night to remember

As a natural light photographer I typically shy away from shooting events.  Without control over time of day, location, and most importantly lighting I am not always certain what I will be walking into.  I was contacted recently and asked to shoot a very very special event that I simply could not say no to...
My friend Debbie's husband Mike was diagnosed with Cancer and quickly relized how precious time can be.  Mike said that he wanted to have a party.  Not just any party but one where everyone could come together, laugh about old times, play music, listen to music, dance, sing eat and just have a good time.  When Debbie asked me to photograph this party I not only could not say no but was honored.  So I let go of my need for control and I went to the party.  I am so grateful that I did.  Tons and tons of people came out to support Mike.  Friends, Family, people he had worked with, people he had played with, people that he had not seen in years...    wonderful people.
I had a fantastic time meeting and getting to talk to many of these people.  What a fantastic night.  Debbie, thank you again for thinking of me to help you capture memories from this evening.  Here are just a handful of the few hundred images that I have for you sweet friend!

PS.  I lucked out...  the lighting turned out to be pretty great.  ;)