Sunday, November 16, 2014

What to wear for your winter/cold weather photoshoot

My biggest challenge this past weekend with my photo shoots was very cold little ones. Some of my littles came with the most adorable outfits but when it came time to remove their jackets all they could focus on was how uncomfortable and cold they were. We were able to get through with distractions and silliness  and of course all sorts of promises. (bribes are perfectly acceptable on picture day I.M.O)  Lol but, I cannot help but think how much more amazing our images could have been if our little models had been a bit more comfortable. 

If any of my wonderful families are reading this PLEASE know I am by no means judging!  I have done the exact same thing with my own daughters and had the same results.  Two kiddos who were not in the mood for a photo shoot and not very thrilled with their mommy.

Luckily though when it comes to winter photo shoots we do not have to choose between fashion and function! There are so many adorable winter options available for both children and adults. Here in North Carolina the weather can be quite unpredictable. Warm and sunny one day and downright frosty the next. 
The secret to planning the perfect photo shoot outfit is layers. Add a pair of leggings under that cute dress. If the dress has short sleeves be sure to use a coordinating long sleeve shirt underneath and / or a warm sweater or dressy jacket. Another adorably fun idea are capes! Think warm fur lined hoods and a truly glamorous look. So cute!  Knitted or crocheted hats and gloves and scarves come in so many different varieties and styles. You can easily find a set to perfectly coordinate with your or your little one's outfit. 

For footwear, consider warm boots instead of shoes perhaps even with warm woolly socks underneath. Warm toes equal a happy child. When coordinating your layers, be sure that the layers underneath look cute as well in the event that the weather is warmer than predicted. 

I have spent the morning compiling some really fun warm winter inspiration on one of my Pinterest boards. Please take a look. I hope you will be as inspired as I was well going through these adorable clothing options, and don't forget to have fun with it!!!

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