Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lake Norman Child Photographer - Themed Portrait Parties

Eight years ago I was pregnant with my 1st child.  I had broken my foot and was on crutches so spent a lot of time on the  couch.  During this time I discovered lake norman mommies, am amazing free website for mothers to connect with one another.  One of my favorite party of being on (besides the buy sell trade forum) was the weekly playgroups.  We began meeting at each others homes when the babies were still too little to move about on their own and usually slept though our time together.  Back then our playdates where really for us mommies who looked forward to this hour a week where we could interact with other adults for just a little while.  As the years past our playdates continued and moved to playgrounds where our little ones could run and play with their friends.  My children and I both formed wonderful relationships as a result of lknm.  I met many wonderful women on this site but there are four of us that remained especially close.  Eight years and seven children later, we are all still besties.  I adore these ladies and as you can see our children feel the same about each other.  We now try to do an annual buddy shoot or portrait party together to capture these connections that our little ones share.  It is always a blast and produces some of  my most favorite pictures ever.   We began out day together with Lunch at Qdoba and Big Hero 6 at the movies.  Our with a stylized photo shoot was the finale to our day.  Our theme was old school house.   I am so glad these people are in my life and in my children's lives! Love you all very much!

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