Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Portraits in Lake Norman - Davidson Childrens Photographer

My once willing models who were always up for pictures have become less and less so.  :(  But.... every once in awhile the mood strikes and they both are on the mood to do a photo shoot at the same time.  Woohoo!
I have gotten into the habit of having cute outfits on hand ready for just the occasion.  LOL.
Since the girls both had the day off from school on election day and we were already up and about from our teacher conference and from voting so we took advantage of the beautiful day and did some shots around Davidson after our yummy brunch at the Soda Shop.
Note, that the tree the girls are in in a few of the pictures is the same tree that I was sitting in for one of my maternity portraits when I was pregnant with Sammi.  Sammi loved this concept and my girl with an occasional fear of heights was thrilled to be up in the tree and wanted to stay there.  LOL
Thank you to my sweet babies for indulging mommy's memory making obsesion.  I think and hope that you will be glad you did when you are older and can see your childhoods in our photo albums.  :)
Love you Ellie and Sammi!

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