Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mini Session Tips from SnookySmiles Photography

Its that time of year again!  Time for our fall mini sessions!  Here are a few tips for a successful Mini Photo shoot...

Number one and most important…   Relax & have fun!   If you are stressed your little one can feel it and it will affect them so please remember to be patient and remain calm. This should be fun!

Please make sure we have scheduled a time that is good for your little one's schedule.  A well rested child with a full tummy will give us a great advantage.

Before your shoot please pay close attention to details (nails are cut and clean, well fitting clothing, clean face, etc.)

Due to our time restrictions, just one outfit please.

IMPORTANT:  In order to get the most natural expressions from your child(ren) I like to let them do their own thing as much as possible with minimal instruction.  Please, please, please do not prompt them by telling them to "smile!" or "say cheese"  

I have found that being able to interact directly with your little one(s) myself with minimal distraction usually produces the best results however, if I do need a little help getting their attention please stand as close to me as possible so that we can get them looking towards the camera.

Don't forget to bring Suntan lotion and /or bug spray if we are shooting in a location where these would be helpful and if your child is old enough to use them.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT bring sick children to a photo shoot.  They will not enjoy it and perform like their normal selves.

Minimize distractions - Please limit the amount of people present at the shoot to those who are being photographed so that there are less distractions for the child(ren).  Well meaning friends and family can sometimes be a bit overwhelming  for  children and will take their attention away from me and from the camera.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask me!  
Absolutely NO cameras at shoot besides mine.  It is extremely distracting to both myself and those being photographed.

Payment due upon booking your session
Be sure to bring my cell # to our session 704-930-8402.
You pictures will be ready approx. 2-3 weeks after your shoot

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