Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lake Norman Photographer and Mommy of two beautiful little ladies - Our Lake Photo Shoot

One of my closest friends needed some updated pictures of her and her daughter together so we decided to make a day of it, snap some pictures and then grab dinner and let the children play.  The Original concept we envisioned was an urban photoshoot downtown Charlotte but with the CIAA Basketball Tournament we decided that downtown may be a wee bit crowded.  Plan B - The Lake.  I am so glad it worked out the way that it did!  In the mist of several wintery days we happened to get the most perfect Spring like Day for our photo shoot.  My poor little Sammi fell and scraped both of her little knees on the way down to the water so she was a bit solemn for the session but she was a total trooper.  I love her shy little pose that completely reflects her personality at this stage.  She is my timid one for sure.  Followers of this blog know that I am a huge advocate of encouraging parents and grandparents to let go of their reservations and insecurities and just get in the pictures with their  children.  That being said I am truly making an effort so walk the walk.  I handed my precious camera over to my trusted friend Al and did just that.  I got in the pictures with my babies!  I am so glad I did and will continue to do so.  Not just for me, but for them.  Here are just a few favorites of my girls and I from our day.  Be sure to check back here on the Blog soon to see some BFF pictures of the girls and click here to see Allison and Maggie's mother daughter pictures!  :)

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