Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beautiful Newborn Girl - Huntersville N.C. Family Photographer

I am always happy and excited to meet new client, but it absolutely makes my heart happy returning to those that I have worked with in the past.  It is a pretty special thing to be able to watch as their little ones.. and their families grow.  When I first became a photographer my friends became my clients.  While this is still true I am very happy to say that now my clients become my friends.   I love spending time with my "SnookyFamiles" and getting to know them as more than just clients.  This weekend I was lucky enough spend time with not just one but two of my SnookyFamilies.  Yesterday, I was with the "F Family" and met their brand new baby girl Olivia.  She was an absolute angel and such a good little model for me.  She even let me try out some new backgrounds and props for the first time.  Big brother Carter was as sweet as always and even surpassed me with a snuggle mid shoot, a definitely highlight of my day.  F Family. I hope you truly enjoy this sneak peek!  I can not wait to come back and show you more… and get more snuggles from my Carter friend!!!

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