Saturday, September 28, 2013

Davidson Family Photographer - Fun Family Memories

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Miss Camille, the older of these two sweet sisters was one of my models last year for the 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar.  She was such a little firecracker with so much personality and so much fun!  I was thrilled when her mommy contacted me to do a family photo shoot.  We planned and planned before meeting this morning for our session.  Mommy told me that she really wanted images that reflected their family and who they were.  Anyone who knows my will tell you, this is exactly what I strive for!  I love capturing the moments that just happen not strictly the posed shots that we set up.  She also told me that this would be their very 1st professional family portrait.  I knew that we would have to really make something special and I think that we did!  Larina, It was truly a pleasure working with the four of you today!  I had a wonderful time and can not wait to share the rest of our images with you.  I am so excited at what we were able to capture!  The girls did an amazing job today!  I know you must be very proud of them!  :)

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