Thursday, May 16, 2013

Carolina Photographer - Happy 2nd Birthday little Man!

.. and here is another sneak peek that I have been dying to share! 
Sweet Noah was born at 25 weeks gestation in May of 2011 (he has a twin sister Elizabeth Grace who was born a week before him but she did not survive). Noah spent 5 months in the hospital and he suffered many complications. He continues to struggle with the effects of his prematurity and he is on a feeding tube and had a severe brain bleed that his parents will not know the impacts of for several years.  

Noah's family found me through Inspiration Through Art, a non profit organization that helps connect children with special needs with local photographers who are willing to volenteer thier time and talent to give these families who have overcome so much a wonderful memorable experience.  We coordinated a very special session for Noah's 2nd Birthday at the Gardens in Rock Hill.  It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet Noah, his mommy, daddy and his grandma.  They are some of the sweetest people I have ever encountered and I am so thrilled that they chose me  to work with and create these memories for them.  

During our session Noah's mommy had a truly beautiful idea to honor Noah's Sister & Brother that who are now watching over him form Heaven.  She brought along several balloons and arranged them in a rainbow formation for Noah to release.  I found it pretty amazing that of all of our balloons exactly two managed to make it through the trees and float away....

Thank you F Family, it was amazing to meet you!

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