Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adoption Photography - Seeking a Family for Ivan and Anatoly

I just could not go to bed tonight before putting out this post.  This evening I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful gentlemen, Ivan and Anatoly to capture some professional images of them to show postention adoptive families.   In just the short time we spent together I could tell that these were two very sweet and loving boys  and really wished that there was more time to get to know them even better . 

They are currently visiting America and staying with a host family here in Huntersvill, NC. through an organization called New Horizons for Children Inc.  New Horizons is a Christian based, international hosting program, which brings over orphaned children from Eastern Europe twice a year to share with them the love of God and the love of a family. 

Matt and Lisa (who I met through have three boys of there own and have lovingly opened their home and their hearts to Ivan and Anatoly for the summer.  While the boys are here in the states they are hoping to find their "forever family"to adopt them.  I asked Lisa to tell me a little bit about her summer sons and here is what she shared with me:...

"Anatoly has so much heart and love to give. He is absolutely precious. He loves to help cook and is a very good cook! He made our family homemade ice cream and was so proud of himself to be able to "do" something for our family. Anatoly is a smart boy, who writes poems, reads books (we checked out some Russian books from the library for them to have and read while here and he has taken quite a liking to Harry Potter) and he loves to draw. He is very talented artistically and I have no doubt that with a proper education he will go on to wonderful things in his life. He has learned so much English in such a short time. Anatoly is simply a wonderful, sweet boy. He is wonderful with younger children. He loves any and all animals..."
"...Ivan is a typical teenage boy that would much rather be outside than inside and loves to play soccer and ride a bike. He loves to listen to music, does not like to have his picture taken, loves to play Wii and any hand held games. He rarely chooses to be in his room alone, he prefers to be with other people. He is a wonderful help in the kitchen. Plays wonderfully with younger children, and truly helps them when they need a helping hand. He is reserved when meeting new adults, but has bonded very well with our family. Ivan will need some redirection at times to help him adjust to a family and being able to trust the people around him. In just two weeks he has made great strides in trusting me. On the 4th night, at bedtime, I got a kiss on the cheek. He is learning to play basketball and is quickly picking it up..."

...Both boys get along well with each other. They are both fabulous swimmers. Both love our dog, and love taking care of her. They have yet to reject one food that we have served. They try any food as long as it is not spicy." 

 If you know anyone who you think may be interested in adopting these amazing children please be sure to pass along this information!  The more eyes that can fall upon this post the better the chance that their forever family will find them sooner than later!  They are ready to be the best sons ever!

For more information about New Horizons click you can visit:
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  1. Lovely picture and awesome photography.

  2. Wonderful photos and wonderful story. I will pass this on.