Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hysterical Themed Promotional Photo Shoot for 4 Pies Productions

You know that pain you get in your cheeks when you have been smiling and laughing for way too long?  I have that going on right now!  I have bee working on some of the group images of the Ladies of 4 Pies Productions from our Decades themed promo shoot this past Saturday for most of my day today and I am dying!  I need a new word for Fun because Fun is just not a strong enough word to describe what our day was like together.  I know this is my job but it definetley does not feel like work when I spend time with these ladies.  I adore them so much and am at this moment trying to think up what we need to photograph next so we can do it again ASAP!  I am so excited to be involved in what they are doing.  This is going to be am amazing.  Here is another peek into the world of 4PP...  Enjoy!

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