Friday, January 23, 2015

Lake Norman Newborn Photographer - 6 Days Old

I have been very anxiously awaiting the arrival of this sweet baby boy!   I first met his mommy and daddy just a couple months ago when we did their a maternity photo shoot in Huntersville.
The camera absolutely loved them as did I!  They were super sweet and so easy to work with.
Six day old Winston must take after his parents...  Not only is he super adorable and photogenic but he was the most perfect, sleepiest little newborn model!  Right from the start he snuggled right up and tuckered out without barely a peep.   He awoke midway through our shoot for a super sized meal and then drifted blissfully back to sleep allowing us to do some more shots.  Miss Lola their beautiful furry baby even joined in on the fun.

We decided to finish up the session with a just few images outside.  They went just as smoothly as the rest of our session.  We couldn't believe our good fortune... but then... we turned the knob to go back inside and...  The handle would not turn!!!!  We were locked out of the house!!!!  The universe most have felt the need to balance out our perfect photo shoot.  LOL  Luckily we were not out too long before a way in was found.  Whew!  Crisis averted.  Congratulations Mandy and Antione!  I am so happy for both of you and already in love with that sweet little guy of yours!  He is a lucky little man to have the two of you as his mommy and daddy!  Thank you for another amazing session and for letting my snuggle your baby boy so much!  Here are just a few favorites which were almost impossible to narrow down.  We have SOOOOO many more!  XOXO ~ Melody!!!

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