Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lake Norman Child Photographer - Fun Summer Photo shoot at the Farm!

I can not believe that this little fella is almost three years old!  When we met for the first time he was just 9 months old!  Since then I have had the pleasure of many awesome photo sessions with him and his family including the birth of his baby brother.  Tonight, however was all about Gage, the soon to be three year old!  I love getting to do themed photo shoots and him mama never disappoints!  She has had so many super cool theme suggestions for out shoots; Trains, Hungry Caterpillar and tonight....  John Deer at the Dairy Farm!  Gage wasn't so excited about the baby cows but was ALL about those tractors!  Thanks so much Gage for doing such a great job tonight!  Love you little buddy!!!  :)

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