Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pictures with my babies - Lake Norman Photographer

Today as we were getting our day started my little ones were being super snuggly so I decided to grab the camera and the remote control and do an impromptu lifestyle photo shoot with them.  All too often we as parents shy away from the camera because we want to loose weight, or we because don't have our hair or nails done or are not wearing the right outfit.  But life is too precious and unpredictable.  You just never know what tomorrow will bring so I am trying to remember to seize the moment and join in with my daughters.   When they are grown they will have these memories of just snuggling with their mommy.  It is my hope that you will consider doing the same. Your children don't care about your hair or your clothes of your weight.  They just care about you and how much you love them.  Mommies, Daddies, Grandparents.... Please...  Get IN the picture!!!  :)

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