Sunday, February 23, 2014

Davidson Photographer - 2015 Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar Photo Shoot 1

In 2012 we gathered some of the cutest kiddos on the planet to create a 2013 Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar.  The purpose of the project was to raise funds for the Charlotte Down Syndrome Awareness organization.  The calendars were a huge success!  We had so much fun we decided this needed to be an annual event!  Sadly the following year snuck by us.  We were determined not to miss out again.  Yesterday was the 1st of two photo shoots to create our 2015 Calendar.  One again our calendar proceeds wit benefit the Charlotte  Down Syndrome Awareness organization.   It was so wonderful to see some very familiar little faces and to get to meet two very adorable new additions to our calendar.  All the kiddos did an absolutely wonderful job as did all of our mommies and daddies!  Thank you all for coming out yesterday!  I can not wait to see the rest of my little friends on June 8th for Session 2!!

Here are a few Now and Then's of our cast from session 1:


  1. LOVE IT!! I know I am partial but those are some darn cute kids!!!!

  2. So excited to see these since I wasn't able to be there with Samuel for the actual shoot! Can't wait. And already getting people saying they want one.

  3. So excited to see these since I wasn't able to actually be there for the shoot. Can't wait and already have tons of people saying they want one!