Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fantasy Image - Photographer for Charlotte and beyond

Typically when I edit my preferred style is a very natural one.  I like the beauty of everyday moments to shine through and speak for themselves. I guess I would call my style of photography "storytelling"  I want to tell stories about families and children about their relationships.  When you look at my pictures I want you to see the strength of the bond between to people and just how much they love and care each other.  

Every once in a while though an image is born that begs for a little extra special attention..  for a bit of magic.  These are so much fun.

We were scouting out a new location in South Carolina that I was very very excited about.  By the time we found the best part of the location (the abandoned Canal) I had been seeking my light was fading fast.  Because the perfect light is the number one most important favor in creating a beautiful work of art I was just about devistated and scrambling to get as many shots as I could.  I was starting to walk down to the bottom part of the canal when I looked up to see one of my models had positioned her self in the most perfect spot.  While sorting which images I wanted to keep this one spoke to me and I could not resist doing something a special...  

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