Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lake Norman Professional Portrait Photographer - Family Portraits

I had the pleasure of having an AWESOME photoshoot with a new family yesterday.  I was warned in advance that the oldest of the 2 children being two years old was typically in perpetual motion and not a fan of being told what to do. I told her grandmother that I expected nothing less for that age and that I love a challenge.  Grandma's prediction was 100% true but Miss Maggie is as cute as a button and though she could run she could not help being adorable and the camera loved her!  Little brother Grayson though in a bit more serious mood that normal was also as cute as can be and such a sweetie pie!  I LOVED getting to meet and work with this sweet Family and hope to get to do so again in the near future!   It makes me so happy when parents and grandparents get IN the pictures. Such a wonderful gift to the little ones they love who will cherish these memories when they are older.  Thank you for such a fun shoot this weekend W/L Family!!!!  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.  I have LOTS more so share and can not wait to show you all!!!  

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