Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Rave for Kinchen Martial Arts and for Camille

This is my friend Camille. She is an eight year-old taekwondo student at Kinchen Martial Arts in Cornelius. Her parents wanted to find an extra-curricular activity for her that would challenge Camille to focus, improve her physical fitness, and bolster her self-esteem. Their favorite photographer reccommend that they meet Master Cliff (whom her own family trains with) and see if lessons with him would be a good fIt for their little girl. It turns out that this delightful (and strong willed!) young lady, who happens to have Down syndrome, absolutely loves Tae Kwon Do and her practice sessions with Master Cliff. In just four months her self-control is noticeably improved and and as you can see she is clearly quite proud of herself. It was a pleasure to get to observe the two of them during her lesson. I am so impressed with my little friend. I can not wait to see what she will accomplish next! Love you Millie!!!

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