Monday, March 30, 2015

A day in the life Photography - Lifestyle sessions

I was recently inspired by a fellow photographer who specializes in Lifestyle Photography.  Lifestyle photography (also known as "a day in the life session") is about capturing unposed moments in life.  It is about telling a story and documenting a few candid moments in a family's life such as cooking dinner together, planting a garden, or riding bikes in the neighborhood.  It is about capturing true moments between family members as well as the little details such as a special cookie jar or child's art work in the background.  Lifestyle sessions are not staged and very candid and very real.  I have not explored this style if photography yet with my clients but an very intrigued by this beautiful style and hope to get to explore it much more.  At the very least I and am certain to be doing it more and more often with my own daughters.  Tonight Sergio and the girls cooked dinner together (meatloaf.)  Something so simple but something so sweet that I am very that I am glad to have memories of years from now...

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