Saturday, October 24, 2015

Newborn Photographer - NoDa North Carolina

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the cutest little man, sweet 6 day old Preston.  He did everything he could possibly think of to stay awake as long as he could (i guess he wanted to be a good host.  LOL) but eventually the poor little bub could take it no more and fell into a deep sleep.  After that he was the most perfect baby model.  I absolutely loved spending the day with sweet Preston and his two beautiful mommies.  They were referred to me by some of my existing clients that I love so I had a feeling that they would be pretty cool.  ;)  It was just wonderful meeting the three of you!  Thank you for a truly wonderful day!  I can not wait to come back in a coupe weeks to show you the rest of our images from P's newborn shoot!

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